Das Design Thinking ToolFest ist ein einzigartiges Event für alle, die Design Thinking bereits kennen oder noch besser kennen lernen wollen. Es ist ein intensiver Tag, vollgepackt mit Workshops und Input Talks, in denen Sie lernen wie Sie Design Thinking in Ihrem eigenen Beruf anwenden können. In jedem Block konzentrieren wir uns auf eine andere, innovative Methode. So haben Sie die Möglichkeit die Methoden wirklich kennen zu lernen und selbst auszuprobieren. Nach dem Design Thinking ToolFest werden Sie neue, kreative Methoden in Ihrem Repertoir haben, mit dem Sie ihre Arbeit neu gestalten können.


Der Tag ist in vier Tracks gegliedert: Design Thinking Application, Observation and Synthesize, Ideation and Prototype. Die Workshops werden jeweils von ein bis zwei ausgebildeten Coaches durchgeführt und umfassen 10 bis 20 Personen. Am späteren Nachmittag werden vier Podiumsgespräche zu spezifischen Entwicklungen im Design Thinking angeboten. Danach gibt es die Möglichkeit in lockerer Athmosphäre ins Gespräch zu kommen, sich über den Tag auszutauschen und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen. Neben Getränken gibt es ein Lunch Buffet und Snacks. Die Workshops werden in englischer Sprache gehalten.

Speakers / Workshop-leads

Design Dash – How to Teach Innovation in One Hour (9.30 – 11.15am):

Are you tired of teaching the wallet exercise? Introducing Design Thinking methods and the underlying mindset in less than a day is really difficult and for a long time there was no real alternative: Created by D-School Advanced Track manager Molly Wilson, the Design Dash offers you a new tool to introduce Design Thinking to beginners in an hour. This workshop is great for everyone who would like to get a short introduction into Design Thinking or is looking for a new, quick tool to teach Design Thinking to others.

Redesign Tomorrow – Co-create Sustainable Tools (9.30 – 11.15am):

Design Thinking focusses on the needs of a current user. But what about the future? Who cares about mega trends, sustainability or the environment? In the workshop „Redesign Tomorrow“ we will identify those voids in the status quo of Design Thinking, share our experiences and find solutions how to develop the methods one step further, focussing on the future and a longterm impact. Furthermore we will introduce you to the taskforce „Redesign Tomorrow“ which was established as part of the D.Collective.

Dimensions of Engagement – Understanding Radical Innovation by Jonathan Edelman (11.30am – 1.30pm):

Design has the power to radically change peoples’ life. But how do you know if your product or service ideas will be able to have such an impact in future, too? In this workshop, you learn to recognise the difference between mere cosmetic changes and fundamental designs that touch the core of the product. You will try out designing an object on different dimensions yourself and discover how to leverage the new awareness in your daily work.

Design Thinking in Education by Nils Karn(11.30am – 1.30pm): 

Design Thinking is a great tool for learning as it actively involes teams and incorporates different modes of perception. After a sharing session of experiences in this field, we will co-create a prototype for a sustainable Design Thinking learning journey for students. The workshop is experimental and the outcome is not pre-defined.

The Idea Arc – Visualising the Design Hypothesis by Prof. Alejandro Lecuna (2.30 – 4:30pm): 

This workshop will deal with the importance of taking a deep and creative breath at the end of the Ideation phase. You will learn to craft testable Design Hypothesis, in order to improve the quality of your prototypes, tests and overall design thinking process. We will work with the The Idea Arc canvas, a new design thinking management tool for bridging the gap between Ideation and Prototyping.

Prototyping with Arduino (2.30 – 4:30pm):

 If you want to reach the next level in prototype, Arduino is the right tool. It allows you to build functioning, low-level technical prototypes. In this workshop, you learn the basics of Arduino and will be able to create your own little prototype. Afterwards, you will have all the necessary basics to start diving deeper into the technology on your own.

Finding your IKIGAI using Design Thinking  (5.00 – 6.00pm):

Design Thinking is not only a great tool to solve business challenges. It is also great to find answers to your personal questions. In this session, you will learn how to use Design Thinking as a tool to find happiness and fulfilment in your life. Ikigai is a piece of traditional Japanese culture guiding you to a purposeful life. Any way, you will certainly also be able to link it back to business, as happy employees are better employees, too.


Boosting Design Thinking with Lean Startup Orientation (5.00 – 6:00pm):

Lean Startup is an approach to work agile and innovatively in small teams. This is why it can also leverage the potential of teams in larger companies. In this talk, you will learn how to boost Design Thinking with methods such as Hypothesis-driven Experimentation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) prototyping, Fast Iteration and Validated Learning using customer data – based on the principle: build, measure, learn!


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