Design the future by pioneering new technologies. With our custom formats, we combine cutting-edge innovation methods with deep insights into emerging tech to help you disrupt the market and create the next big thing.

In the one-day workshop format, our innovation experts will tailor methods specifically for your business challenges that foster creativity, collaboration, and breakthrough thinking. Additionally, you will receive inputs on the latest relevant technology trends. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with fresh insights, innovative product ideas, and strategies to drive growth and innovation in your organisation.

Our masterclass program is taught by one of our experts and will equip you with all the essential knowledge in a new technology such as Generative AI or Web 3. In just a short amount of time, you will get up to speed on everything you need to know that’s vital to your business. Discover innovative approaches and best practices to apply to your organisation, and stay ahead of the competition.

The 1:1 coaching program offers personalised guidance to help you navigate the latest trends and technologies in your industry. Work directly with an expert coach who will provide tailored advice to address your specific challenges and help you identify how new technologies can impact your business. With our hands-on support, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to drive growth and innovation.

Our trend report helps you to stay ahead of the game and are the result of extensive analysis of competitors, products, technologies, and trends in your market. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the   landscape. Whether you’re looking to identify new opportunities, understand your competition, or simply stay informed, our trend reports will be a valuable resource.

Our core expertise

Generative AI


Design Thinking

Business Modeling

How you will benefit

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Understand technologies and trends

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Explore their
 impact on
your business

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Build new
product and 
business ideas

Our founders

Frederik Görtelmeyer

Co-Founder Cultway
Freelance ux & Strategy consultant


Frederik has extensive experience in generative AI, working as the Founder of Cultway and as a former AI researcher at Telekom. He has also gained valuable experience as a Design Thinking Coach and BCG strategy consultant, assisting businesses in implementing AI-based business models and navigating digital transformation.

Tassilo Boßmann

Innovation & Web3


Tassilo, Co-Founder of Web3made and Airdrop1 and contributor at Neokingdom DAO, has collected a wealth of knowledge in the Web3 space. He has also led the Agile Coach Training at Deutsche Telekom for several years, while utilizing his expertise in Design Thinking to help businesses develop innovative, user-centered products and services.

Previous projects

Tassilo served as the Product Owner for the Agile Coach Training at Deutsche Telekom, where he was responsible for developing the curriculum. The training was divided into three modules respective focus areas

1) The first module focused on the role of the Agile Coach at an individual level, analyzing the status quo and dealing with tensions.
2) The second module focused on the Agile Coach at a team level, covering topics such as meeting formats, conflict management, and creating hypothesis-based experiments to deal with existing conflicts.
3) The third module focused on the Agile Coach at an organizational level, covering agile career paths, agile goal setting, continuous team learning, and scaling agile.

Upon completion of the training, participants signed a transformation agreement with their superiors, committing to becoming active as Agile Coaches and driving change within Telekom.

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