the innovation festival

Spring 2023 in Berlin


Why & How

ToolFest Vision

We want to enable you to tackle future challenges by providing a space where you can master your creative problem solving skills. 


Unite & share

ToolFest Concept

The ToolFest is Berlin’s pop-up innovation academy. For two days innovation professionals from corporates, agencies, startups and universities unite to share innovation methods. Pick your favorite workshops as the ToolFest proceeds. At the end you’ll receive a certificate for your individual path.

interactive & together

ToolFest Family

At the ToolFest we place a high emphasis on an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Workshops are interactive in nature and defined in capacity so that we can offer you an intensive learning experience. We dedicate times to mix and mingle with other innovation professionals.

Learn whats important

Track overview

Service & Product Design

hands-on approaches on how to lay the groundwork for creating and building great services and products.

Innovation Management

looks at practical tools to enable you to navigate through the development and implementation stages within a company.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking has been a buzzword for many years now. Practice what many successful companies preach.

Product Management

provides you with the right tools to create products that customers really need.

Flowing Creativity

seeks to expand your imagination and provide you with sparks to support the challenges you are currently facing.

New Work

Frithjof Bergmann, who coined the term, envisioned work that fulfills the individual and provides meaning.

See who was there

past speakers

Clive K. Lavery

Strategic Development for AdobeXD @Adobe

Leon Reiner​

Co-Founder & Director @Impact Hub Berlin

Mito Mihelič

Head of Design Thinking 
@Viessmann Group 

Tino Klähne

Head of Strategic Design @Lufthansa Innovation Hub 

Katina Sostmann

Executive Director Digital Health & Insurance @Aperto 

Adam B Cochrane

Senior Product Designer
@Zalando Studio

Kristina Walcker-Mayer

Product Lead
@N26 Group

Alessandro Sposato

Senior Strategic Design Consultant @SAP AppHaus

Be part of the new way of learning

Join us at ToolFest 4

David SchradeInnovation Consultant

Workshop description

The number one reason why startups fail is that they create a product that the market just doesn’t want. Nowadays we know that taking the customer’s perspective into account from day one, is essential to create successful business ideas. However, user insights are not the only source of inspiration to generate new opportunities. This workshop will provide you with methods and tools that enable you to craft new ideas that are desirable AND viable by leveraging not only userbut also in-depth market insights.